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Craftea  原意手工茶,由一群对茶饮有满腔热情的达人所打造。Craftea以天然、韵味、自在为品牌主轴。经过多年的专研,每一杯Craftea都是经验的积累。坚持只选用精品茶叶及上等原料,用心熬煮与调配,我们希望将品茶的文化与茶饮的本质完美呈现给每一位等待被滋养的灵魂。







Craftea, inspired by handmade tea, was created by a group of people who are passionate about tea. By actuating the charm of tea, Craftea serves natural and authentic taste. Years of research and practice made every Craftea a cup of experience. Insist on selecting high quality tea leaves and ingredients, we cook and blend our tea wholeheartedly, wish to present the beauty of tea culture and authenticity of tea drink to everyone who needs to be nourished.

WHY Craftea?

Craftea’s exclusive brown sugar pearl will fascinate all taste buds. Daily fresh prepared in the café, the appealing fragrance will definite attract your appetite! Who said bubble pearl tea doesn’t make it a health drink? Our pearl is handmade by pure tapioca flour and fresh honey, without adding in any pigmentation and preservatives, to make sure every single pearl is a healthy delicacy. Cooked by slow fire, our brown sugar pearls taste special with perfect gradation, especially the sensation of chewy indulgence is extraordinary! Every bite is pure bliss.

Craftea has zero tolerance on tea freshness. We insist to replace all the unsold tea every six hours to ensure the ultimate freshness. We dedicate to monitor the tea quality, only the freshest, purest, and best flavor can be served to our dearest customers.

Mission and Vision
Integrating bubble tea and milk tea, we look to combine trend and tradition into CRAFTEA’s tea culture. Nowadays, tea is not just a cup of drink, but is becoming a style and attitude. It creates unforgettable memories and brings pride and joy to our community. With all the effort spent, Craftea would like to deliver our simple joy of making tea, and we believe that everyone deserves a cup (or more) of our perfect tea.
Every cup of Craftea contains our utmost sincerity. We hope that by drinking our tea, you’ll be able to feel the sincerity and that it brings you joy.




As a professional tea lover, we screen and select every petal of tea leaves. High quality tea leaves are usually brewed with a gentle fragrance. You will be led to a glow of peace in daily irritation after a sip of Craftea.




Craftea’s pearl is fully handmade by pure tapioca flour. All these round globules have a special bite: it is soft but chewy, refreshing but not sticky. Everyone can enjoy the ease of natural sweetness in every single bite.




Without artificial pigmentation and preservatives, Craftea’s exclusive brown sugar pearl will fascinate all the taste buds. Subtle-sweet brown sugar is always simmered and caramelized slowly. While pure natural flavors linger in every corner, the sweetness is going to stimulate everyone’s